Hi! I'm Ricky elizer sitanggang, a person who like working with Computer, Internet and love blogging.

I think iam not an expert, but i like to share
How about you.? ^_^


Yeaaahh... I love to do this, although a bit chaotic :), But it's fun. Check it out

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Vipm Alarm

VIPM Alarm

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Hardware and software maintain

Ibm server Series

Configuring Switch

Configure switch

About Me

Ricky elizer sitanggang

Ahh.. iam just ordinary person, same like you. Working behind the stage to support you (Company). Working as network administrator and system administrator, programmer 5 year ago (i left them, sorry..). but i have something to be proud, is a.... I am an CEO of CLICKPULSA.COM and SADA TRAVEL (hahahaha). If your phone empty balance, don't worry just order to my website ^_^.
Ok, actually dont to seriously read this page. Don't hire me... because i will make you like me ^_^. By the way thanks for visit and have a nice surfing. Oh.. i forgot something, read more HERE for happy blog


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